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Its always a pleasure to hear from folks about our book and how much they've enjoyed reading it. Here are some of the highlights from our Amazon page. "I'm not exactly a novice when it comes to sex, and I have to admit that when I began flipping through this manual, I expected to see things that...

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Our Interview on Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino

If you missed our interview yesterday on Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino, here’s your chance to listen in! We talked about how to ask your partner to try prostate play, some favorite massage techniques, what to do if your sweetie thinks of anal play as domination (and you don’t), our upcoming tour, and much more. We had a great time with Tristan and I know you’ll enjoy hearing it. CharlieI’m a writer, blogger, teacher, workshop facilitator, sex & relationship …

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What Is Prostate Milking?

One of the tricky things about sex terminology is that a lot of sexual act have multiple terms (think about how many different ways there are to talk about intercourse) and some words have multiple meanings. Prostate milking is one of those phrases that can mean a few different things. What is Prostate Milking? For some folks, prostate milking simply means prostate massage. We’ve heard some guys use this phrase to talk about any kind of prostate massage, whether it’s …

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