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Three Ways To Give An Amazing Prostate Massage

Prostate massage can be one of the most incredible sexual experiences. Fingers are incredibly sensitive and versatile, so you can give your partner all sorts of different pleasures. Here are some tips to supercharge your techniques.

First, more isn’t always better. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if a little is good, more will rock your guy’s world, but that’s not how it works. Think of it like music. You want it loud enough to hear, but not so loud that it hurts your ears. When you press too firmly on the prostate, you want that middle zone, too.

That can be a little tricky because when you get excited, it’s easy to go harder or faster than feels good for your partner. Try playing some music with a steady beat to keep you on your rhythm. If you catch yourself speeding up, just listen to the music to catch the right tempo! Go for something in the range of 110-120 beats per minute. Here’s a website that lists lots of different genres of music, sorted by speed. Find a few of your favorite songs and make a prostate playlist!

The same thing applies when we’re talking about how much pressure to use. Each guy is a bit different, so you’ll need to experiment. And how much pressure he likes will vary as his prostate engorges and the sensations change. Start off with about as much force as you use when you type, and then play with slightly less and a bit more. With some experimentation, you can zero in on what works for him. Just remember that there’s a maximum, after which it can become uncomfortable.

Second, change things up every so often. When you do the same thing over and over, the nerves get used to it and it stops feeling as good. It’s rather like tickling someone- if you don’t vary your technique, it’ll stop working. Every couple of minutes, switch up what you’re doing- tapping, circles, jostling, the “come hither” strokes (we describe three of them in our book). There are lots of different finger moves, so you have a lot to play with.

You can also change the intensity. When you go from deeper touch to softer, or the other way around, you’ll catch his attention and keep him focused on the pleasure. Or try your finger moves on different parts of the prostate. It’s big enough that you can work on one side and then the other, or the deeper portion and then the shallower portion. You can work the entire gland, and then just one area. You both might be surprised at how good that can feel.

Having said all that, when he’s getting close to orgasm, don’t vary what you’re doing. Stick with it because changing things up at that point can derail the process and actually lower the pleasure right when you want it most.

And lastly, ask him to tell you how it feels. The best way for you to know what effect your fingers are having is to get him to let you know. One good way to do that is pretty similar to getting your eyes checked. Do one technique for 15-20 seconds, and then do another one. Have him tell you which one he liked more. Another method is to have him tell you on a scale of 1-10 how much he’s enjoying what you’re doing. Each time you vary the technique, tempo, or pressure, ask him again. That’ll give you plenty of useful info for future sessions. Just remember that how he rates each technique might change as he moves through his arousal cycle.

So there you have it. Three easy ways to make prostate massage incredible. Pick up a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure (available in paperback and Kindle) for lots more tips and all the info you need to discover new ways to enjoy prostate play. Have fun!



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One Response to Three Ways To Give An Amazing Prostate Massage

  1. Julie says:

    I just gave my husband his first prostate massage because he is having early signs of BPH. He did not enjoy it, I’m trying to get him past the ‘exit only’ idea that it can’t be pleasurable for my finger to be in there. I a
    appreciate the tips on getting him to relax on this website since even though he complained the whole time he does want me to do it again for him. I was able to milk his prostate and it worked the first time! He was able to pee without stopping midstream!
    I on the other hand enjoyed it so immensely, that he would give himself over to me like that and that I could do something so intimate for him, that it brought me to an orgasm. Hoping that helps him to realize he can relax and enjoy it.

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